Your Manifesting Catalyst

Your Manifesting Catalyst

What Is Your Manifesting Catalyst?


Have you EVER felt any of these to be true?

I've been going to counseling for years and the issue still remains!  😫 

There are no good men/women out there! 😥 

It’s hard to make more money 😠

I feel like crap all the time 😰

I’m trying but nothing's working 🙄

It’s so hard to feel good about myself when I look like this.🥵

These are the cards I’ve been dealt. 🤨

If only he/she would change then I'd be so much happier 🤗

I sure would like to live there...🤔


Ever been to seminar after seminar only to get pitched for the next seminar with no lasting results for yourself?  (I have and I know only too well what that feels like.  I was like…”get to the point already!! do I do it for me?”)


If you say "yes" to any of these above  

If the answer is yes to one or more...would you like to change it? Of course you would!

I’ve helped hundreds of people make the changes they want in their lives because...

I know how its done

I will help you do the same!

Join me on the LIVE workshop “Your Manifesting Catalyst”

Everyone has a Manifesting Catalyst.  It's a powerful part of us that can be used to create a life designed by you personally, not by default.  

Your Manifesting Catalyst is always active.  

It's time to have it work for you!  Manifestation is your right.  You will understand the Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction,  where and why it's been blocked and how to change and have it work for you! the secret

Your Manifesting Catalyst Directs You to the secret of Your Manifestations

I help people shut down negativity on the spot and remove the block to their Manifesting Catalyst so they make the changes in their life that they previously believed they couldn't. 

 This is a five-week workshop where I will help you: 

  • Identify blocks preventing you from getting what you want
  • Give you specific energy tools to release those blocks along with the energetic imprint
  • Release deep seated programs running in the background
  • Direct what you want to come in to your life and work with  energy tools to bring it into your physical experience.

Access for Life! 


I made changes and so can you!  Here’s a few of the things I’ve changed:

  • I dropped a toxic jerk and met my husband 3 months later!
  • I released asthma in one afternoon at age 48!
  • I was told there were no openings for a transfer.  I requested one anyway and got it!
  • I helped a client over 2,000 miles away release pain in their back! 
  • Created my desired reality and live where I dreamed of living...I see, hear and smell the ocean everyday!

What happens next?

Within 24 hours of your payment clearing you will receive a welcome email with your private login information so you can get started right away!


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