Spiritual Healing - Bridging The Gap


Work with High-Level Spirit Mentors  and Technicians to release, heal and move forward to create the life you were meant to by removing blocks and closing the gap between the human aspect of you and the vast part of you....your soul/spirit. 

You will receive the Zoom link for the live session within 24 hours after your subscription is confirmed.  Live healings are the 3rd Thursday of each month.

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The Healing Agenda

Watch this video and be blown away by the Healing Agenda from Liv's Executive Level Spirit Team!

After this short video, watch the update below!

 Enroll today for only $22 per month!   When you enroll you have access to all past healing sessions! 

UPDATE to Spiritual Healing - Bridging the Gap

Watch this video for the update from Liv's Executive Level Spirit Team...very exciting!  

Testimonial about releasing multiple negative emotions using one session!

Enroll today for only $22 per month!   When you enroll you have access to all past healing sessions! 


About the Ground Breaking Program"Beyond Hypnosis ~ Releasing the Fear Frequency"

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"Awesome! It was great! Thank you so much LIV!  I love it!!!  You're the best and know exactly what to say!"  ...

GET BEYOND HYPNOSIS NOW! Fear Frequency Release


Fear Frequency Release

What is Fear about?  

Why does it seek out hope and approach it from behind?

When it surfaces from within, why is pushing it down in our minds and hearts the first reaction?

Where does it dwell?

In Beyond Hypnosis, you'll be able to release it, transmute it and be free of it.

Liv Scrivanich, International Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and her Spirit Team will explain the fear frequency and take you beyond logic where it is released and transmuted!

Normally $149

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