How We Do It


Our Mission


At Newport Oregon Hypnotherapy, our mission is to help you overcome those habits, fears, emotions and memories that prevent you from achieving your wildest dreams.

Using our exclusive blend of Hypnosis EFT, NLP, Time Techniques and Success Coach, we can help you overcome most issues in one session.

We take pride in our work, which is why we can make this guarantee:

Our guarantee is a "results guarantee," not a "money-back guarantee. At the start of each session, we will mutually agree on your desired outcome. If that outcome is not met after the quoted period, we will work with you for free until the results are achieved, provided that you have been open and honest during the session and have participated completely, including all assigned tasks.

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 “Goodness Liv, thank you sooooo very much. I'm acknowledging your dedication and your work on my behalf. I'm sitting here in appreciation that I'm so lucky to have contacted you and received from you. Thank You Liv and bless your generosity.  What I noticed today is that I got up and did my 2 x 9 mins exercise circuits, then I went to the woods and ran for 20 mins. I do this 3 times a week. I wouldn't do the exercise without taking my two puffs of inhaler. Previously when I've gone to the woods to run and have forgotten to take the inhaler, I've had to stop unable to carry on. AND I have not taken an inhaler today at all. (This is 10 hours later than usual).”
Many, many thanks and bless you Liv. – Ann K., Ireland  

Dear Liv,

Thanks so much for all your help.  After our session, I followed your instructions to the letter.  I had my follow-up with my doctor and there is no sign of the cyst on my ovary!  I am so's just been 3 weeks and it is GONE!


I am so grateful to you for your help .  I never thought I'd be able to quit smoking like that...and I thought it would take more than one session.  I am in your debt, Liv.   Many thanks to you!

John S. Los Angeles

"Great program!  Liv is great!"

Barbara B., Newport Oregon

Hypnosis FAQS


Q. Will I be out of control? 

A.     NO. You will be totally awake and aware, feeling relaxed, refreshed and finally IN CONTROL. 

Q. What is hypnosis?

A.   Hypnosis is physical relaxation coupled with mental relaxation and suggestion. When these happen together, hypnosis happens automatically.   

Q.   Can everyone be hypnotized?

A.   Yes, everyone is hypnotizable.

Q.   How does hypnosis work?

 A.   For behavior modification, hypnosis simply allows the conscious mind and unconscious mind to AGREE. 

Q.   How long does hypnosis last? 

A.   The effects of hypnosis have been known to last a lifetime.